WP Security

WordPress Security

WordPress Security is paramount as the WordPress platforms can be a victim of their own success. Because it is the most widely used website and blogging platform it’s a prime target for hackers and hacker bots. Every day thousands of these bots go crawling the web with the aim to hack into WordPress accounts.

Although WordPress is the most developer, user, and SEO friendly content management system available, it is vulnerable to be hacked if steps aren’t taken.

Many website owners do not think about security at all until it is too late. It only takes 1 successful hack to destroy all your hard work and cost you a lot of money in loss of earnings. Once your website has been hacked you can lose your Google rankings. If you get slapped by Google you could go from number 1 in Google to out of the top 10 pages where no one will see you.

Our extensive WordPress knowledge has enabled us to fully protect your website from any hackers, malware or bots.

We can provide and implement over 100 security measures which include:

  • Installation & Configuration of Security Plugins for Optimum Security
  • Anti-Hacker Protection
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • SPAM Protection
  • HT Access Protection
  • Protection Against Severe Database Attacks

* It is important to mention that these measures don’t guarantee a 100% protection against hacking attempts, mostly because a 100% secure website doesn’t exist, but they will protect you against the majority of attacks.

We can also secure your default Admin Login URL, set up 2 step login authentication, secure your Login Page with email notification, and secure your Database and File System from Hackers.

Not only do we provide WordPress security but we can also fix infected websites and databases and help you get back up online ASAP!

WordPress Backup and Restoration Service

It is advisable to back up your website on a regular basis which is both secure and restorable in a short period of time. You don’t want to lose your website for any reason especially if you’re making frequent changes. You will never lose any changes you make on your website because regular backups can be scheduled to your timescale.

BoyceWeb can set up and configure automated backups of your WordPress website. All website files and databases can be zipped up and downloaded easily.

WordPress security services can be expensive but we are experts and efficient in what we do therefore charge an affordable rate. The cost is dependent on your requirements.

Contact us today to secure your website and block any attacks.