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User Experience

User Experience is equally as important as obtaining lots of targeted traffic. If the user experience is poor whether it’s on desktop or mobile devices you won’t convert well and people will leave your website and will not return. UX is vital for conversion and having customers of high ‘lifetime’ value as you will get repeat business. Users will remember a poor experience and as the saying goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression” so you need to get it right first time, and we can help you do this.

Website usability tests known as Usertesting, are becoming much more popular for a variety of reasons. With most businesses now online, it is very important to test its website usability on desktops and mobile devices. These include cross-browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, navigation functionality, and website layout.

Boyceweb have provided both website feedback and conversion advise for various top companies, banks and other business which operate both online and offline including Nike, Virgin Media, Lloyds TSB, Adidas, Sky Scanner, Expedia and Preston Council.

The following are some of the benefits of website usability testing.

Lower Costs To The Website Owner

I will Identify usability problems of your website before it goes live to enable you to avoid redesign costs which would have inevitable down the line. Not only would you have had that extra cost but you have suffered financially through loss of earnings if your website layout is poor you won’t convert customers into sales. Another angle you can also look at is saving money on customer support costs because your layout and infrastructure will ensure fewer customer service calls and emails.

Higher Retention Rate

You only have a few seconds to make an instant impression when someone visits your website. Many people who visit sites leave immediately after landing on the homepage, this is known as (bounce rate).

Usability testing is invaluable to lower your bounce rate as I will help you figure out why your site is unable to retain new visitors. I will look at many different factors as to why some people are clicking away from your website almost immediately after landing on it.

Some of the most common problems are:

  • Slow loading home page
  • Not enough content above the fold
  • Awful colour co-ordination
  • The site can only be accessed using a plug-ins such as Flash, which the visitors dislikes or does not have

Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you run and an ecommerce website it is vital that you reduce ‘shopping cart abandonment’.

Research has shown that many consumers abandon their carts while in the process of online shopping. I will identify the reasons behind your frequent shopping cart abandonment so you can address them. Once this problem is resolved, your conversion rate will improve meaning bigger profits!

Enhanced Brand Image

Your website is a very important element of your marketing strategy and overall brand image. The key is to make your website very customer friendly with excellent internal linking, fast loading pages, correct spelling and grammar and a clear, concise layout.

If your visitors have a pleasant user experience on your site, they will also have a positive impression of your brand. Meaning they are less likely to click away to a competitor’s site. Once the trust element with your brand has been made you will receive repeat business and more customers through referrals.

Increased profits and sales

It is my aim to help reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate, enhance visitor retention, advice on website conversion and give other helpful tips to give you an competitive advantage. Once I have done all this then your sales will improve.To enhance your sales.

I will establish if you are targeting the right audience and look at your website analytically and think from the perspective of the consumer and address the following questions:

  • If I was a consumer, would I buy a product from your own site?
  • Can I find product information easily on your site?
  • Should more information required than what is currently available?
  • When a consumer makes a decision to buy, can they easily follow your instructions?

Website Conversion

A lot of people believe that been top of Google or having highly targeted Ad campaigns will automatically mean huge profits, but there only 50% right. Getting high volumes of targeted traffic is half the battle, however you still need to convert that traffic.

Website conversion is essentially ‘getting your web users to take the action you want’ whether that is buying a product, downloading a newsletter or subscribing.

If your website is not user friendly it will hamper conversions and that is a fact! Less conversions = less profits and the customers will leave and go to a competitor website and never come back.

Don’t have the expense of getting people to your website if you are not going to convert by not having a user friendly website. You will be wasting your time and hard earned money.

Make sure you’re not leaving money on the table and contact BoyceWeb today, the advice we will bring you will transform your business and profits.