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It is now vital to optimize your webpage loading times. Matt Cutts of Google has officially stated that Google takes loading times into account when ranking websites. Google have over 200 algorithms which change constantly, no one accept Google themselves no all 200 but now we all know that side speed is one of them. Put simply If you have a slow-loading site, that can mean lower rankings in Google and less traffic. Not Good.

Much more importantly, site speed is probably one of the most important conversion factors of any website, simply because it’s first in line. People of the tech-age have short attention spans and website landing page will be no good if it loads slowly and most of your visitors leave before they even get to read your headline.

A recent study has shown that if your site hasn’t loaded within 4 seconds, you’re already losing one in four visitors. After 10 seconds, it’s closer to one in three. If you can slash your site loading time from 10 seconds to below 4 seconds, that alone can mean an effective increase of 20%+ in traffic.

Google see themselves as a relevance engine more than a search engine. They want people to type their keywords into Google and instantly see a site with high quality content for that exact keyword topic and the website loads up in double quick time. If you can get those 2 factors right you will have more traffic, more conversions that ultimately mean more money.

Posted on by Tom Boyce