Quick Snapshot of SEO Benefits over PPC

1) Visibility – The higher your website is ranked in search engine the higher the targeted traffic your website will receive. Increased visibility will also give your brand or business a lot more trustworthiness and credibility as your ranking in search engines on merit

2) No Cost – You won’t be charged any money when a user clicks on to your website which is what happens we you use Adwords. SEO really is the number 1 source of leads!

3) Higher Relevance and Credibility – Organic listings through SEO provide more accurate and better quality results than pay per click because the website is there through merit. The merit been the quality of the website means it has been awarded it’s position as opposed to a website paying to be there.

4) Higher Return On Investment – Trends show you have a higher return from organic listings than PPC.

5) SEO Is Better Long Term – Pay Per Click is only good for a short term quick solution. SEO is all about longevity and appearing at the top of search engines for years! Although progress may be slow and gradual the end results are wealth worth it.

6) Traffic Conversion – Trends show that organic listings have a 25% higher conversion rate than paid sites

7) User Friendly – SEO can lead to a better, user-friendly experience for the customers. Sites that have been optimised offer better navigation, accessibility, and brand awareness. These all lead to higher conversion rates.

8) Profitable – SEO is considered as one of the most profitable forms of marketing as once you have established your brand for multiple targeted keywords in the top 3 positions, you will get an avalanche of pre-qualified traffic which you are far more likely to convert. These customers will have higher lifetime value and will also recommend your business to others

9) Increased Presence – An effective SEO campaign vastly increases the odds of a user finding your website online

Posted on by Tom Boyce