Every website needs to be ‘hosted’ in order for people to access it online.

Web hosting is the process of placing your website onto a web server (which is basically just a computer that is kept switched on 24/7) that serves your web pages to people who visit your site.

There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies out there that can provide this service.

We use Krystal as they one of the biggest and in our opinion ‘the best’ web hosting company in the world.

They provide you with absolutely first-class web and email hosting services at a low cost. This means you can benefit from very fast servers and unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Email Hosting

The email hosting allows you to have emails, tasks, contacts and your calendar in one place. Krystal professional webmail will enable you to work from anywhere where you have Internet access.


–  Personalised email address to your domain name.

–  Manage email, contacts and calendars in one location.

–  Access webmail from any internet connection.

–  No software required to access your email account.

As part of our web design package we will register a domain and set up web and email hosting on your behalf to take all that hassle away from you. If you want us to move very high traffic, high bandwidth website to LCN then an alternative hosting fee may have to be discussed.

Alternatively, you can register your own domain and set up hosting yourself via Krystal

There is no affiliate scheme with LCN so we don’t recommend them because we will make money off them, we recommend them because we believe they offer the best service and value for money.

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