Pricing SEO

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On the hole, the general rule of thumb is the fewer keywords or less competitive industry will result in much more affordable prices. This mainly reflects local businesses. Larger corporations who want to target more keywords and want to rank both at home and abroad will be paying more money to reflect the extra workload that will be required.

The other factor that will affect the SEO budget will be the geographic area being targeted.  If you are targeting a local village or town, for example, this will require much less investment than London or the whole of the UK or international rankings. If you would like more information we are very happy to discuss the options with you as well as the costs which, as outlined above, will depend on the keywords you will be targeting as well as geographical areas.

The Benefits of Usertesting

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Website usability tests are becoming much more popular for a variety of reasons. With most businesses now online, it is very important to test its website usability. These include, cross browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, navigation functionality and website layout.

I have conducted hundreds of tests for since 2015.

I have provided feedback and conversion advice for websites, prototypes and mobile apps for various top companies, banks, and other business which operate both online and offline. These include; Nike, Microsoft, Ryanair, Skyscanner, Easyjet, Virgin Media, Lloyds TSB, Adidas, Sky Scanner, Expedia, and Preston Council.

The following are some of the benefits of website usability testing.

1. Lower Costs

I will Identify usability problems of your website before it goes live to enable you to avoid redesign costs which would have inevitable down the line. Not only would you have had that extra cost but you have suffered financially through loss of earnings if your website layout is poor you won’t convert customers into sales.  Another angle you can also look at is saving money on customer support costs because your layout and infrastructure will ensure fewer customer service calls and emails.

2. Enhanced Retention Rate

You only have a few seconds to make an instant impression when someone visits your website. Many people who visit sites leave immediately after landing on the homepage, this is known as (bounce rate)

Usability testing is invaluable to lower your bounce rate as I will help you figure out why your site is unable to retain new visitors. I will look at many different factors as to why some people are clicking away from your website almost immediately after landing on it.

Some of the most common problems are

  • Slow loading home page
  • Not enough content above the fold
  • Awful colour co-ordination
  • The site can only be accessed using plug-ins such as Flash, which the visitors dislikes or does not have.

3. Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you run and an ecommerce website it is vital that you reduce ‘Shopping cart abandonment’.

Research has shown that many consumers abandon their carts while in the process of online shopping. I will identify the reasons behind your frequent shopping cart abandonment so you can address them. Once this problem is resolved, your conversion rate will improve meaning bigger profits!

4. Enhanced Brand Image

Your website is a very important element of your marketing strategy and overall brand image. The key is to make your website very customer friendly with excellent internal linking, fast loading pages, correct spelling and grammar and a clear, concise layout.

If your visitors have a pleasant user experience on your site, they will also have a positive impression of your brand. Meaning they are less likely to click away to a competitor’s site. Once the trust element with your brand has been made you will receive repeat business and more customers through referrals.

5. Increased Profits and Sales

It is my aim to help reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate, enhance visitor retention, advice on website conversion and give other helpful tips to give you an competitive advantage. Once I have done all this then your sales will improve.

  • To enhance your sales, I will establish if you are targeting the right audience and look at your website analytically and think from the perspective of the consumer and address the following questions.
  • If I was a consumer, would I buy a product from your own site?
  • Can I find product information easily on your site?
  • Should more information required than what is currently available?
  • When a consumer makes a decision to buy, can they easily follow your instructions?

Quick Snapshot of SEO Benefits over PPC

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1) Visibility – The higher your website is ranked in search engine the higher the targeted traffic your website will receive. Increased visibility will also give your brand or business a lot more trustworthiness and credibility as your ranking in search engines on merit

2) No Cost – You won’t be charged any money when a user clicks on to your website which is what happens we you use Adwords. SEO really is the number 1 source of leads!

3) Higher Relevance and Credibility – Organic listings through SEO provide more accurate and better quality results than pay per click because the website is there through merit. The merit been the quality of the website means it has been awarded it’s position as opposed to a website paying to be there.

4) Higher Return On Investment – Trends show you have a higher return from organic listings than PPC.

5) SEO Is Better Long Term – Pay Per Click is only good for a short term quick solution. SEO is all about longevity and appearing at the top of search engines for years! Although progress may be slow and gradual the end results are wealth worth it.

6) Traffic Conversion – Trends show that organic listings have a 25% higher conversion rate than paid sites

7) User Friendly – SEO can lead to a better, user-friendly experience for the customers. Sites that have been optimised offer better navigation, accessibility, and brand awareness. These all lead to higher conversion rates.

8) Profitable – SEO is considered as one of the most profitable forms of marketing as once you have established your brand for multiple targeted keywords in the top 3 positions, you will get an avalanche of pre-qualified traffic which you are far more likely to convert. These customers will have higher lifetime value and will also recommend your business to others

9) Increased Presence – An effective SEO campaign vastly increases the odds of a user finding your website online

Benefits Of A Professionally Designed Logo

Posted on by Tom Boyce

One of the most important aspects of a branding your company or product is the ability to have your work recognized. That one look, that simple slogan or catch phrase, and most importantly, the brand logo. Having a logo professionally created by a firm that specializes in effective marketing and design is sure to give your company the edge it needs to grown.

The term ‘a household name’ is essentially a synonym for commercial success. Recognizeable at even the shortest glance, a company’s logo that is embedded in the subconcious minds of those who are shopping for a product or service are nearly always likely to choose the trust and familiar route. No, this isn’t a form of experimental mind control; it’s simply a matter making the right choice by having a professional design the logo your brand will use to dominate the market.

Marketing isn’t always a shot in the dark as it may seem sometimes. In fact, many years of research and market testing data have come together to help advertising and marketing teams understand what it takes to make their brand and logo stand out. Something sleek, simple, and easy on the eyes is always the best way to fit your logo anywhere and everywhere that will generate some buzz with an influx of business to follow.

Consider some of the largest brands you know. Whether they be for household cleaning products, your favorite candy bar at the grocery store, or even just a social media platform, all of their logos come to mind within an instant of seeing something even similar to their shape or color. By allowing a trusted and well versed design firm to create the ultimate brand logo that your company will use, you are sure to see the most come of every bit of real estate you plant your logo on.

A well designed logo takes into consideration the overall tone that your company’s business platform rests on. Getting our trusted developers to apply artistic creativity and effective eye catching aspects of marketing design towards your professionally designed logo is the best way to find an effective brand logo. By providing several different proofs of logo variations, professional designers are able to give a client’s company the tools to decide which logo best suits them and the look of what they have to offer.

Whether you are starting a new company and looking for a brand and logo that will help you break into the market with a head start, or you are renovating an already existing product or company to revamp the look and come back into the market swinging, consider having your company’s logo designed by a professional team of marketing advisors and art directors. While almost anyone can get access to the best digital design tools and programs, it takes a designer with a history of understanding the consumer and reaching success to know truly what an efficient and effective logo is made of. 

The importance of having a fast loading website

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It is now vital to optimize your webpage loading times. Matt Cutts of Google has officially stated that Google takes loading times into account when ranking websites. Google have over 200 algorithms which change constantly, no one accept Google themselves no all 200 but now we all know that side speed is one of them. Put simply If you have a slow-loading site, that can mean lower rankings in Google and less traffic. Not Good.

Much more importantly, site speed is probably one of the most important conversion factors of any website, simply because it’s first in line. People of the tech-age have short attention spans and website landing page will be no good if it loads slowly and most of your visitors leave before they even get to read your headline.

A recent study has shown that if your site hasn’t loaded within 4 seconds, you’re already losing one in four visitors. After 10 seconds, it’s closer to one in three. If you can slash your site loading time from 10 seconds to below 4 seconds, that alone can mean an effective increase of 20%+ in traffic.

Google see themselves as a relevance engine more than a search engine. They want people to type their keywords into Google and instantly see a site with high quality content for that exact keyword topic and the website loads up in double quick time. If you can get those 2 factors right you will have more traffic, more conversions that ultimately mean more money.